Two medications in one tablet to
help manage high blood pressure

BYVALSON is a prescription medication made up of nebivolol and valsartan. These medications are referred to as BYSTOLIC® (nebivolol) tablets and Diovan® (valsartan) tablets.

BYVALSON may be right for you if:

You were diagnosed with high blood pressure for the first time

Your blood pressure is not adequately controlled and your doctor thinks you'll need more than 1 medication

Most eligible insured patients* pay no more than $30 a month for BYVALSON prescriptions.

*Terms and conditions apply.

BYVALSON works in different ways to lower blood pressure

It is not known how nebivolol reduces blood pressure. Nebivolol may work in a number of ways to help reduce blood pressure. These ways may include allowing the heart to beat more slowly and less forcefully, and relaxing blood vessels so blood flows more easily.

ARBs allow blood vessels to widen by blocking a chemical known as angiotensin. Widening blood vessels increases blood flow. ARBs block aldosterone, a hormone that increases blood volume and stimulates the heart.

*ARB=angiotensin receptor blocker.

BYVALSON in clinical studies:

Proven blood pressure reductions

Incidence of side effects similar to patients taking placebo (sugar pills), only nebivolol, or only valsartan in the 4-week study period of the clinical study

- The number of patients that discontinued due to side effects was 2.0% with BYVALSON compared to 3.2% with sugar pills and 1% from only nebivolol or only valsartan.

Once-daily dosing

BYVALSON has been studied in more than 4000 patients. Studies of the individual medications that make up BYVALSON (BYSTOLIC and valsartan) showed that the blood pressure-lowering effects of each medication were not affected by the age of the patients or whether patients were male or female. In patients who are Black, there may be somewhat less of an effect compared with patients who are Caucasian.

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10th Anniversary Bystolic!

2018 marks BYSTOLIC’s 10-year anniversary.
BYSTOLIC has been prescribed to over 3.2
million adults with high blood pressure.

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